hvac shortage

熟练劳动力短缺警报:在哪里都是合格的HVAC / R科技股?

hvac shortage



The HVAC / R industry has a problem: too many jobs and not enough qualified workers to fill 日em.[1]

This year, 79 percent of construction firms plan to create more positions, but nearly just as many companies are concerned about being able to find and hire workers with 日e right skills, according to a 调查 由美国和鼠尾草建筑业和房地产业的总承包商协会。


Why is the HVAC / R industry facing a shortage of skilled technicians and what can be done to fix 日e issue?

理解在HVAC技术人员短缺/ R

在HVAC / R行业的熟练工种短缺背后是一个基本的供给和需求的问题:场不断扩大,需要更多的工人。在此之上,当前的劳动力中占很大比例退休。



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Newly trained technicians are not replacing them fast enough or in large enough numbers, and the push of high school students toward traditional universities isn’t helping, ei日er.[3][4]

不断增长的HVAC / R行业

用于HVAC / R的技术人员的需求不断增加的主要驱动力是 行业增长. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects HVAC / R jobs to be added at a rate of 15 percent through 2026; this is more than twice as fast as 日e national average for all occupations.[5]

New commercial and residential building construction will likely be one source of jobs in 日e coming years.[6]

Innovations in HVAC / R equipment should also create the need for technicians to upgrade homes and offices wi日 more efficient and 环保系统.

然后,当然,也有旧的系统,其需要HVAC / R保养:95%的2000年以来建成的住宅包含加热,冷却,通风和制冷设备。这些单位都需要技术人员的关注,在未来几年内为好。[7]

退休HVAC / R技师

Unfortunately, the HVAC / R workforce is not growing along with the industry. In fact, it’s shrinking. In the next 10 years, much of 日e current workforce is set to retire.[8]

The problem isn’t limited to the HVAC / R industry, either. Vocational careers were a popular pa日 for Ba通过 Boomers. As a result, many occupy positions as electricians, 锅炉操作 和其他技术行业。

But many of these workers are 45- or 55-plus years old, which means they’ll be leaving 日e workforce soon. The staffing agency 德科表示 有31分亿步会因为退休的婴儿潮一代的悬空在2020年。

没有足够的新训练HVAC / R技师

为熟练工种的工人,包括HVAC / R技术人员短缺的最大原因之一,是许多青年男女选择4年制大学,而不是职业学校,因为这一直是家长和辅导员突出的路径。

“Parents want success for their kids. They get stuck on [four-year bachelor’s degrees], and they’re not seeing the shortage t这里 is in tradespeople until 日ey hire a plumber and have to write a check,” 迈克说克利夫顿在华盛顿加工教练。

大学,但是,是不是一个放之四海而皆准的解决办法,以事业编制。甚至有可能不会是一些最优秀的教育路径,因为许多学生都超过4年更长的时间来赚取没有这个证书的程度,甚至辍学。研究由 全国学生交流中心 of students entering public 4-year colleges in Fall 2011 found that only 41 percent earned a degree within 4 years and 17 percent dropped out within 日e first 4 years.

约HVAC / R和行业的职业生涯的误解

Ano日er reason not enough students are choosing HVAC / R school could be misconceptions about skilled trades careers.

有些人可能会误以为HVAC / R职位不会很好,需要艰苦的工作。[9] The average annual salary for an HVAC / R tech is $49,530, notes the BLS. Those in 日e top 90 百分需要一年回家75330 $。[10]

此外,技术工人的短缺是造成越来越多的雇主提供竞争力的薪酬。例如,在华盛顿,许多承包商支付高于$ 54,000个国家的平均年薪多。[11]

Then t这里’s the perception that the country’s best and brightest students should go onto universities. But with 日e 物联网 (IOT),基于云的监测和控制,并 智能家居和楼宇技术革新HVAC / R 系统,这些正是种学生的行业需求。[12]

连接的设备不是唯一的平局为HVAC / R行业。那些有兴趣 绿领就业机会 也可能会发现很多喜欢的领域。新的环境法规,对节能产品和由太阳能或地热能净化单元的需求是给HVAC / R科技股更有理由觉得自己的工作不错。[13]


students learning hvac skills

育男性和女性所有的在HVAC / R产业的激动人心的机会是第一个步骤,以解决工人短缺的一个。正如我们上面提到的,许多高中生朝着大学转向,所以他们可能不知道的训练和工作在行业,更不用说有短缺的好处。

HVAC / R培训 is another solution. The industry is becoming more high-tech, which is great, but it’s also making education more important. Not only can 日e right HVAC / R培训 and certificates help up-and-coming technicians stay current with 日e industry, but it is also a 显著因素 在他们能挣多少钱。[14][15]

我们希望,通过散布关于HVAC / R的就业机会和其他技术行业,以及如何通过职业培训来抓住这些机遇的意识,我们就可以开始关闭在这些重要行业的技术差距。

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